Ecrinal for Eyes Fortifying Eyelash Gel

Ecrinal for Eyes Fortifying Eyelash Gel

  • $28.00

Fortifying serum to bring out the best in your eyelashes


Fragile or too short and too thin Lashes/Eyebrows


Fortifying Gel with ANP® 2+ is for eyelashes and eyebrows that are too short or deficient. It protects and strengthens the hair shaft. This limits the loss of lashes and eyebrows and stimulates regrowth. Can be applied day and night even under the mascara.


Use in the evening, over 2-3 consecutive months.
Apply in the evening onto clean eyebrows or eyelashes using the applicator brush.
In the morning, cleanse before applying makeup.


ANP® 2+, Widelash, D-Panthenol