Cicaleine for Cracked Heels and Fingers

Cicaleine for Cracked Heels and Fingers

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Feet and Hands’ Fissures and cracks


Cicaleïne® Balm repairs and protects cracked and chapped areas in the feet and hands. As of the first application, its high moisturizing power makes the skin soft and comfortable again after only 7 days of use. The soothing effect is remarkable and the amount of chapping and cracks is significantly reduced. After 14 days, the results are optimum with a clearly improved and soft skin that has regained all its protective function.


To be applied directly to the chapping and cracks, twice a day until fully healed. As a preventative measure, apply the balm to zones subject to cracks and chapping 3 times a week.


Centella Asiatica, Silk Lipesters®, Extracts of Liquorice Roots, Vitamin B5