Akileine Spearmint Foot Mask (#990597)

  • $74.00

he aromatic Spearmint Foot Mask from AKILEINE contains relaxing, soothing, and refreshing plant extracts.
It moisturizes the skin making it supple and soft. The soothing and comforting sensations are immediate.
An essential part of the perfect pedicure.
Contains white clay as well as 12 plant extracts :
Soothing - calendula, cornflower, St.John’s Wort, chamomile
Moisturizing - grape seed oils
Toning - essential oil of orange
Relaxing - butcher’s broom, red vine, cypress, blackcurrant
Refreshing - essential oil of spearmint
Apply a generous layer on the feet and ankles. Leave for 10 minutes. Remove with a damp sponge and lukewarm water.