Akileine Hydra-Defense Balm  #832 4.3oz)

Akileine Hydra-Defense Balm #832 4.3oz)

  • $22.00

Moisturize – Repair – Prevent Calluses
This re-balancing treatment is specially formulated for very dry feet and Hyperkeratosis. A single daily application intensively hydrates the skin for 24 hours and reduces skin hardness.
- Soothes and repairs
- Anti-inflammatory and Antifungal
- Protects from microbial attacks
- Intense moisturizing effect from the very 1st application
- Removes rough skin, prevents hyperkeratosis
- Reduces risk of infections
- Protects the skin while balance is being re-established
Grape Seed oil - Soothes/ protects the elasticity of the skin
Camelina Oil - Anti-inflammatory, Hydrating, Repairing
Imperata Cylindrica - Nourishes and repairs the skin
Pro Vitamin B5 - Speeds cell renewal
Silk Amino Acid - Repairing, Hydrating, Anti-bacterial, Antifungal