Akileine foot peeling  Cream (359 75ml)

Akileine foot peeling Cream (359 75ml)

  • $20.00

For very dry heels, Hyperkeratosis and calluses, this is an exfoliating cream that easily removes hard, dead skin INSTANTLY.
It is made of two types of polyurethane:
- sharp grain to remove dead skin cells
- smooth grains to smooth the skin
Cellulose creates rolls that get rid of dead cells while salicylic acid makes the keratolitic action stronger. Its smoothing and softening action helps new skin to regenerate and prepares it for a moisturizing treatment with Intense Dryness Balm or Nutri Repair Dry Foot Cream.
- Kerato-corrective grains eliminate dead skin and calluses
- Removes rough skin in on heels, the front of the foot and the pressure zones
- Softens and smoothes the most dehydrated skin
- Formula tested under dermatologist control.